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Design & Technology encompasses Food Technology, Graphics, Computer Aided Design, Woodwork and Textiles. The Design & Technology Curriculum provides each child with a sound basis for developing logical steps as schemes of work show:

  • Identifying a solution to a design problem through investigating existing designs and creating new ones.
  • Researching different aspects of a design e.g. ergonomics, materials, structure, form and function.
  • Generating a range of suitable ideas through annotated sketches which relate to the specifications set within the design.
  • Developing ideas using a range of media from technical drawing through to working prototypes.
  • Constructing a three dimensional artefact through constant evaluation and gaining more confidence using the tools and machinery within the workshop.

Our schemes of work provide a rich source of balanced activities, which embrace the National Curriculum objectives, allowing the child to build on an already wide range of techniques and ideas, leading to a successful transition from Middle to Upper School.

In year 5, students complete one Resistant Materials project in D&T. Each student will produce a 3D wooden zoo animal using hand tools, a second animal using CAD/CAM and the new laser cutter, and zoo using 3D modelling software.

In year 6, students complete two projects in D&T. The first covers Electronics, where students design and make a Super hexbot – a moving toy in the shape of an insect which will move around of its own accord. The second covers Graphic Design and Textiles, where the students design and make themed packaging and a promotional canvas bag.

In year 7, students complete two projects in D&T. The first covers Resistant Materials, where students design and make an Automaton (cam toy), using hand tools and the new laser cutter. The second covers Textiles, where students design and make a monster style fleece beanie hat.

In year 8, students complete two projects in D&T. The first covers Electronics, where students design and make a Super trike – an electronic car toy. The second covers Graphic Design, where students learn about the Design Movements that have shaped the worlds of Product and Graphic Design.

Where possible the department aims to promote cross-curricular links which will encourage the child to revisit previously learnt knowledge and use this to show their understanding of current topics and themes.

The department also wants to ensure that the child has a secure understanding of subject specific vocabulary, therefore keywords are introduced throughout topics.

Above all the department’s aim is to ensure that the child enjoys his/her Design & Technology lessons.