Dedworth Middle School

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The School is closed on Monday 5th of January due to heavy snow

Term starts for pupils on Monday 5th September 2016 at 8.50am

Instructions for new Year 5 pupils.

Day 1 - Monday 5th September

On the first day of term parents will be able to escort their child across the front of the school to the gate separating the car park and KS2 playground. The children will then wait on the KS2 playground for the bell to go at 8.50am. At this point their tutor will come out onto the playground to collect them and take them into school. There will be signs and members of staff directing the children on this day.

Children will not need their P.E. kit on the first day of term. On the first day they will receive their new timetable and will then know when to bring in their P.E. kit. They will need to bring in their book bag containing: a pencil case and equipment, reading book, water bottle and a packed lunch or hot dinner money. Hot dinners cost 2.30 and include a hot meal, small dessert and water.

Day 2 - Tuesday 6th September

From the second day of term parents/carers are expected to leave their children at the main school gate and the children are to come into school through the side gate entrance along with the other Year groups and not across the front of the school. They will then walk around to the KS2 playground and wait there until the bell goes at 8.50am when tutors will collect them from outside. There will be members of staff around to help direct the children if they are unsure where to go, however they will be shown this way into school during their first day. Breakfast Club is free to attend in the dining hall for children from 8am-8.30am where there are games and activities for the children to do. There is also a selection of breakfast items available to buy. Children should not be on site before 8.30am unless they are attending Breakfast Club or are accompanied by an older sibling.

End of each day - Monday 5th to Friday 9th September

Year 5 tutors will ensure children are packed up before the end of the school day and will escort them out to the grass area by the gates at the front of school, showing them the correct route. Please collect your son/daughter from here unless you have made alternative arrangements to collect them outside of the school gates or for your child to walk home. Please make sure your child knows what these arrangements are.

End of each day - Monday 12th - Friday 16th September

Children will leave their lessons and school on their own, following any arrangements that you will have made with them.